Aerial Trek Treetop Adventure at Nashville West Adventure Park


Book an Aerial Trek Adventure at Nashville West

Aerial Trek is a fun challenge high in the trees! Walk, climb and swing across a series of cables, ropes and logs that take you progressively higher into the treetops. Aerial Trek can take up to two hours.

Aerial Trek may be combined with other Adventure Park activities.

Trekking is great for couples.

Aerial Trek will get you high: up to about 45 feet high. Participants should be in moderate to good physical condition and must wear sturdy and secure shoes. You might want to consider what kind of shirt you'd like to be wearing if you decide to hug a tree.

Recommended for 12 years and older. Weight limit 275 lbs.

Cancellations: After a zip tour or other adventure has been booked, there are No Cancellations or Refunds. You cannot reschedule the date or time if it is within 7 days of your tour. However, if you call more than 7 days before your tour we can change the date or time, but we cannot refund your money.

Trekking is a blast! Trekking is great for couples.