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An accurate assessment of current team dynamics and performance is the first step in changing directions. The Assessment may include interviews with leaders and key players, confidential questionnaires, site visits, and observation. The assessment will be used to create a specific plan to build the team and equip the leader to lead the team in achieving their goals.

Values to Vision

More than money or security, values drive commitment. That which we value we will strive for, and a team with shared values will strive together to accomplish the goals they set. Shared values motivate teams to take ownership of their purpose, and their goals. Values inspire individuals to push through differences to accomplish their greater purpose. Agreeing upon shared values is often the first step to working together cohesively. Teams with unclear values may benefit from identifying and leveraging their shared values.


Confusion of the team's purpose is at the heart of many conflicts and unmet goals. Good people, with good intentions often have very different understandings of their teams' purpose. This can result in team members pulling in opposite directions, withholding information from each other, silo-ing, and general frustration. Clarifying the purpose, and using the shared purpose to guide decisions, serves to unite teams and motivate individuals.


Teams that are involved in creating strategy will be much more inclined to implement it well. Strategy sessions that elicit the best thinking of all the "shareholders" will produce better strategies, better understanding of the reasons behind the strategy, greater investment in its success.


As a leader, your team has information you need. We help you create the climate and utilize non-threatening processes to gather that information when you need it. We'll also help you get your team sharing vital information with each other.


Learn to use meeting time more productively. Learn simple techniques to gather input, share information, plan effectively, and make decisions. Meetings will become more interesting and produce immediate results.


Create boundaries that allow for quick decisions made by the person who is best suited to make the decision. Make sure that team members know where to get the information they need to make a decision, and know when they have the authority to move ahead and when they need to ask permission.


Strategy is the roadmap that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. Be sure that you are asking the questions that will provide the information needed to generate the best strategy. Learn techniques and processes that will help you not only develop more effective strategy, but also communicate it more effectively to the people who will be involved in execution.

DiSC Personality Inventory and Workshop

The DiSC personality Inventory is a great tool for providing insight and awareness about individual and team interactions. Team members gain awareness of their impact on others; they also learn to appreciate strengths other than their own. Everyone will learn strategies for working with people they may have struggled to communicate with in the past.


Observation is a powerful tool. When a whole team learns to make key observations about the challenges and successes impacting your team, the team gains valuable information. Learn techniques that maximize the value of observation.

Ropes Course

A ropes course experience can be a very fast and very effective way to gain insight into unproductive behaviors and to change the climate of a team. A ropes course takes individuals out side their roles and encourages them to interact outside of their established patterns. The process brings people together in a powerful way, while teaching them new, way more productive ways to work together.

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